Updated homebrew packaging

The next time you visit your local homebrew shop you may notice some cosmetic and functional changes to our homebrew PurePitch® packages. We’ve updated the outer packaging to be more uniform, added manufacturing information on the front, helpful resources on the back and most importantly increased the amount of yeast in the package by 5mL. Our proprietary process in which we propagate the yeast, the functionality of the FlexCell™ process has not changed and White Labs continues to produce the absolute purest yeast available on the market.

Since releasing the PurePitch® package in 2014, we’ve taken the valuable feedback from both the professional and homebrew community into consideration with these changes. Some of those suggestions were implemented in the new outer packaging including removing the cut line on the back and utilizing a more permeable film to reduce CO2 buildup.


In addition, we’ve made the following updates:

• Designed a more uniform look that is easily recognizable and clearly highlights the strain WLP number, name and style recommendation or limited release program designation.

• Replaced the color band at top with an icon. The icon provides more specific insight on the strain and also increases the production speed, which will help us move more strains into PurePitch® in the following months. (See a list of icons below).

• The manufacture date, best by date, lot number and barcode have all been moved to the front along with the Star-K symbol which signifies the yeast is certified kosher.

• The back now features helpful information including advanced options for pitch rates and starters by gravity as well as optimum fermentation temperatures for a variety of beer styles.

• Each PurePitch® package now includes 5mL more yeast, for a total of 40mL net volume, increasing the cell count of each package which is made to contain over 100 billion cells.


This icon window cling signifies the style recommendation or limited release program associated with the strain. You will begin to see this resource in the coming weeks on homebrew store refrigerators next to the area where White Labs yeast is on display. The cling is a useful reference guide when looking at the icons displayed next to the strain name. The icon is a recommendation, many strains may be cross utilized for other brewing needs. 


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