White Labs Copenhagen's New Location

White Labs Copenhagen is on the move! Our team recently relocated to a larger facility at Kirstinehøj 1, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark—just outside the city, near the Copenhagen airport. The new facility is 10,000 sq. ft., which gives our growing team the much-needed room to expand. It also means we’re able to produce more yeast and increase our fermentation offerings!

And while the geographical location and space played important roles in our decision, we also wanted to be next to a brewery so we could continue to try new things and get everyday feedback on ideas, product developments and customer feedback. Luckily for us, we landed next to our good friends at Amager Brewing Co.

We’ve only been here a couple months, but have already received quite the warm welcome. Last month the community came together to help us break in the new facility with a special Yeast Handling Class followed by a grand opening party, full of BBQ, music and a collaboration beer we did with our new neighbors (shout-out to Amager Brewing Co!).

Looking to the future, we plan on opening a tasting room at the facility for people to stop by and taste what different yeasts can do in beer. We’ll also open another location this fall in collaboration with Empirical Spirits and Amass Brewing Co. that will push the boundaries of food fermentation and pave the way for a new series of yeast cultures stretching beyond beer fermentation.

We’re excited about sharing our new location with you and look forward to the opportunities the additional space will bring! As our Vice President of Innovation and European Operations, Troels Prahl put it: “Better facilities means happier employees, and happier employees means better yeast, and more of it!”


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