Freshness Certification Program

Updated from the Freshness Assurance Program for retailers, the new Freshness Certification Program was introduced in January 2017 to continue encouraging retailers to stock and sell a wide selection of White Labs fresh liquid yeast. We have renamed and revamped the program to include additional benefits for our valued retail customers. Now, the Freshness Certification Program removes many restrictions from the former model and makes it easier for all retailers, from small to large, to ultimately save time and money when purchasing White Labs' core yeast strains.

Improved details of the Freshness Certification Program include:

  • Customers will receive three shipments throughout 2017
  • Each shipment includes 68 core strains with 48 sold at a significantly reduced price and 20 FREE
  • No need to return any expired yeast to White Labs
  • Enroll at any time during the year and receive the next available shipment based on your enrollment date

Essentially, all participating retailers now have the opportunity to showcase a more diverse, full lineup of White Labs yeast at a lower cost. By participating in the Freshness Certification Program retailers will be “White Labs Certified” and are committing to the following standards as set by White Labs:

  1. Offer the 68 core White Labs strains to your customers.
  2. Carry only the freshest yeast possible and discard any expired yeast if not sold by its “Best By” date on the package. 
  3. Follow proper yeast handling practices which include keeping White Labs yeast in cold storage as soon as it is received until the moment it is sold to your customers.

The documents attached to the upper right corner of this web page outline the Freshness Certification Program rules and eligibility and list the 68 core strains included in the program. If you are a store and have additional questions about the Freshness Certification Program, contact [email protected] or call 888.593.2785.